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Bob Christsen Hotel Motel Brokers
is a Queensland based Hotel and Motel brokerage company servicing the whole of Queensland.


The company was formed in 1982 originally dealing in most aspects of Real Estate, but soon specializing in Hotel and Motel brokerage.

Today, BOB CHRISTSEN REAL ESTATE deals almost exclusively in Hotels and Motels and is one of Queensland’s leading brokerage companies in this field.

Bob Christsen Real Estate has developed a wide customer base over the years, which is evident by the amount of repeat business that the company enjoys.

Personal attention has always been an important aspect of the companies dealing, and has extended to include advice and service on:

  • Assist with Liquor Licensing
  • Introduction to those experienced in the field of financing.
  • Management
  • Resale

The company works closely with numerous accounting and legal firms in assisting with solvency issues and in many instances, early action has protected the viability of the business.

As Bob Christsen Hotel Motel Brokers operates within the Hotel and Motel environment on a daily basis, all aspects of the industry are familiar to our office.